CEFE South East Europe


CEFE in South East Europe is part of the CEFE International network, an organization that includes over 1,700 partner institutions and over 20,000 trainers around the world. You can find more information about CEFE International on this link.

CEFE in this region is organized through national associations in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo. In SEE, CEFE has been present since 2004, and since then more than 25,000 participants have been trained: entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, consultants, university professors, students, high school students, journalists, people working in institutions at the local and national level that are involved in development and support to small and medium enterprises, etc.

CEFE team’s regional cooperation is focused on providing support in developing and adapting programs, improving co-operation among trainers and exchange of experiences. Our team continually develops new exercises and materials that will help the development of specialized CEFE programs, standardization and active participation in the formation and maintenance of the CEFE Alumni Organization, conferences, and competition in international tenders and projects.