CEFE methodology


CEFE is an English acronym for Competency based Economies through the Formation of Enterprise.

In a diverse segment of training education and teams and/or individuals development, the CEFE methodology represents a kind of avant-garde and stands out due to strong impression after the training and the wide application of the gained knowledge.

The CEFE methodology, in a specific but structured way, provokes the creative energy of individuals and drives this potential in the direction of improving skills, business development, creating new entrepreneurs and jobs.

The CEFE training concept combines a set of instruments for the development and training of entrepreneurs, businessmen, managers and employees, in which an active and dynamic approach to work and learning is used, with the aim of developing and improving personal and managerial skills. The learning process is based on four dimensions that are activated and structured used during work: knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits.

The training methodology was developed in the 1980s and is considered one of the most successful for learning and development, since it is oriented towards simulations, experiential and interactive participation of participants.

According to our students, the special appreciation of the CEFE approach is recognized in the interchange of trainers and participants, which motivates and contributes to self-confidence, especially when individuals take on leadership roles within a particular group.

The performance of participants at the training itself is not necessarily an indicator of ability in real life. We had participants who were quiet and, at first glance, not so active at the training itself, who later achieved significant results as entrepreneurs.