CEFE Serbia


CEFE Serbia is focused on the development of individuals, teams, and organizations as well as entrepreneurship aimed at creating new jobs. By following the trends and needs for personal and business development, we adapt the CEFE methodology and create practical approaches that help participants in our training to develop or enhance different skills.

CEFE Serbia, with HQ in Belgrade, is a part of CEFE International and co-founder of CEFE SEE, a regional association of over 50 CEFE trainers in Southeast Europe.

Since 2005, CEFE Serbia has successfully implemented various trainings, team or individual coaching and mentoring sessions and provides consulting services for all target groups in over 20 countries, both in all SEE countries, as well as in a number of countries, such as Turkey, the Czech Republic, Nigeria, Indonesia, Lithuania, Romania and Tajikistan… Training and coaching sessions are exclusively conducted by trainers with internationally recognized licenses.